ICT Specialized Company

HOSEOTELNET Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in developing and manufacturing wireless communication devices.

HOSEOTELNET Co., Ltd. is developing and providing various terminal products and solutions to meet the needs of users from various areas related to wireless communications using communication modules and repeaters.

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We are manufacturing home IoT security devices (RayHome), data terminals, location-based terminals, and more.


Once purchased, RayHome works as a lifetime security system without requiring additional monthly payments.

IoT Businesses

Wireless Terminals

Marine Equipment


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Holding the Office-Closing Ceremony and Year-End Event

Wrapping up eventful 2019, we held an office-closing ceremony and year-end event. Having one employee…

Conducting Autumn Workshop in 2019

HOSEOTELNET held a workshop at One Korea Resort near Namiseom Island in Chuncheon from October…

HOSEOTELNET Selected as a Seoul-Type Small but Strong Company in 2019

Our company was chosen as a Seoul-type small but strong company in 2019. The Seoul…