HOSEOTELNET Co., Ltd., as a professional developer and manufacturer in the wireless communications area, is a venture company with a challenging and innovative spirit to become an ICT-specialized company.

Since our establishment, we have continued to make sound growth and improvements up to now thanks to our indomitable venture spirit and ongoing investments in technical development. Through our own affiliated ICT research center, we have actively carried out R&D to build up ICT-related technologies. And we are expanding the width of growth by advancing into the global market, beyond the domestic market, with outstanding technical products and communication solutions.

In particular, we are making every effort to develop new products by grafting converged ICT onto cutting-edge technologies following changes in our ordinary living environment, so as not only to provide security devices for the safety of families and children and but also to explore markets for IoT needed for daily life.

HOSEOTELNET Co., Ltd. will not be complacent with its current success, but will continue to work hard to develop innovative technologies and products and create a brighter future.