Marine Equipment

Land Station

Model Name ABS-901
Use Station for the Purpose of Wireless Data Communications (DataTec)
Applied Cases Land Station Used by Airmedia
Main Functions

Data Receiving and Storing
TCP/IP Communications
Alarm for Antenna Impedance Mismatching
Alarm for Internal Temperature, Door-Left Open

Items Specifications
Control Unit CPU AT91M55800A
Memory SRAM 256K, ROM 2M+2M
Power Supply Unit Battery 220V(0.15A) AC Voltage
Wireless Unit Receiving Frequency 898~900MHz Band
Transmitting Output 9W
Transmitting Frequency 938~940MHz Band
Receiving Sensitivity -120±3 dBm
Modulation Method FSK
Channel Separation 12.5K
Bit Rate 9600bps
Frequency Stability ± 1PPM
Spurious ≤-50dB
Antenna External Type
Reliability Temperature, Humidity Operating Temperature: -40~ 80 Celsius Degrees, Humidity: 90%
Protocol RF RDLAB
Network TCP/IP
Back up PSTN
Instruments Size 290(W) * 180(L) * 355(H)mm
Weight 8.5Kg
Quality of the Material Aluminum