Attending SECON (International Security Exhibition) 2018
The exhibition, which is Asia’s leading event to lead the global security market trends and showcase the security market trend and technical trends at home and abroad, was held at the 1st Exhibition Center of Ilsan KINTEX from March 14 to March 16 2018.

At the event, HOSEOTELNET demonstrated its personal security service platform of RayHome system and presented produces developed and commercialized such as maritime wireless data communication devices, wireless devices to identify survivors, fishing net detectors, motorcycle black boxes, etc.
Out of them, RayHome system’s various detectors (door sensors, motions sensors and fire sensors) are expected to play essential roles in establishing a Smart City into which artificial intelligence is grafted.

As not only local companies and ordinary customers but also foreign buyers showed more interest compared with the previous year, the event paved the way for our company to further expand in the local market and move into overseas markets.

Currently, HOSEOTELNET is developing a terminal that can operate with an improved RayHome system and is going to show more improved and varied technologies and products at the event next year.