Marine Equipment


A Fishing Net Gets Smart after Meeting with IoT!

# Be Smart When Locating, Watching and Finding a Fishing Net!
# End Your Problems for Locating Fishing Nets in the Boundless Ocean!
# Off-the-Hook only with SMARTBUOY!

SMARTBUOY works as a lighthouse for locating fishing nets.

There are too many obstacles including waves, rain, and fog in locating fishing nets in the open sea.
Now, SMARTBUOY is here to put an end your problems!


It is a net-finding detector based on IoT (Internet of Things) technology.
When sending wireless signals on the location of a fishing net in which a transmitter is installed, the location of the fishing net can be confirmed on a plotter through a receiver installed on a fishing boat.
Since there is no need to replace batteries thanks to the solar power auto-charging system, the user can easily find his/her fishing net from a distance, so it is efficient for saving fuel and preventing the nets from getting lost.

Saving Fuel

Loss Prevention

Efficiency Improvement

Increase of Fish Catches

Product Features

  • Over 10NM of Distance Range
  • Unlimited use thanks to Solar Power Auto-Charging System
  • Simultaneous Connection with AIS thanks to the Receiver Buffer Function
  • Most Affordable Fishing Net Detector in Korea
  • Unnecessary to Get Communications Permit and to Go through Reporting Procedures
  • Outstanding Durability and Waterproof Effect
  • Able to Locate the Net from Smartphone App
  • Registered as Fishing Equipment

Product Comparison

Classification SMARTBUOY Company A Company B
Frequency Band 800 MHz
Communication Output 2W 200mW 200mW
Distance Range Over 10NM 5NM 7NM
Transmitter Power Supply Solar Power Auto-Charging System Battery Replacement Required Battery Replacement Required

Product Specifications

Transmitter - HB900B
Classification Specifications
Frequency 898MHz
Communication Output 2W
Type of Radio Wave FID
Hours of Use Semi-permanent (Solar Power Charging)
Size 250(Height) x 105(Diameter)mm
Power Supply 6800mAh Li-ion + Solar
Receiver - HB900R
Classification Specifications
Frequency 898MHz
Communication Output Omni Directional
Type of Radio Wave FID
Additional Functions Data Converter
Size 170(W) x 107(H) x 28(D) mm
Power Supply DC 12 ~ 24V

Opening Rate